September 8 – 14 2013 – Week 2

September 14, 2013- Saturday

Day 14 of The Great Santa Adventure 2013 – 103 Days to go.

Up around 6:30.  Just worked on my new talks. Drove down to Huntington Beach in the afternoon.

September 13, 2013- Friday

Day 13 of The Great Santa Adventure 2013 – 104 Days to go.

Up around 6:30. Met with Gary Barr. Looks like Beach Cities Nissan will sponsor me a car. I also receive an audition notice for an MTV audition on Monday. Had a phone consult with a marketing client about Facebook ads. Got the videos I did with Denise Ross up on YouTube and added them to my IMGmembers website. I also received an audition from Hugh for a Kmart audition Monday afternoon!

September 12, 2013- Thursday

Day 12 of The Great Santa Adventure 2013 – 105 Days to go.

Up around 5:30. Wrote an IMG blog post.

September 11, 2013- Wednesday

Day 11 of The Great Santa Adventure 2013 – 106 Days to go.

Up around 6:00. I worked on my HelloSanta contract. Made “Santa Claus Seeks a Writers Retreat” flier. My folks came over to Marci's at 4:00. We had Costco pizza and Marci and Mom went through Marci’s stuff determining what goes where when Marci moves in January.

September 10, 2013- Tuesday

Day 10 of The Great Santa Adventure 2013 – 107 Days to go.

Up around 6:00. Looked at Santa Monica Chamber website and events. Created blog post for TGGOA. Worked for 2 hours on Sync stuff. Talked with a client about her site. Went for bike ride around the lake at 6:30PM.

September 9, 2013- Monday

Day 9 of The Great Santa Adventure 2013 – 108 Days to go.

Up around 6:00 got a blog post done for IMGmembers, added new client as a member of IMGmembers, worked on new talk. 11:00 Sync call. Went shopping. Spent some time on Facebook- new request for video chat Santa’s – watched some tennis with Marci.

September 8, 2013- Sunday

Day 8 of The Great Santa Adventure 2013 – 109 Days to go.

Santa Ed in Santa Monica Sept 9 2013

I left for Santa Monica at about 7:00 AM. I walked the grassy path above the beach for a while. It is much different than walking trail in Lithia Park. The joggers and walkers were all talking, some very loudly, the cars added to the noise and distraction of it. I also noticed more homeless people than I had expected. I 

drove on up to Malibu were I had a funky breakfast special at- Country Kitchen  21239 E Pacific Coast Hwy, Malibu, CA. I had the special which was an egg pastrami breakfast sandwich which was pretty good for $5.75.

On the way back to Santa Monica I stopped by the beach to watch the dolphins and pelicans.

In Santa Monica I discovered Rustic Canyon.,_Los_Angeles it’s an amazing place.

Found 1 “Guest House for Rent”, called and left a message. Went through Beverly Hills and then back to Torrance to pick up my bike from the Clarry’s. Back at Marci’s about 6:00 PM. 

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