Sept 29 – Oct 5 2013 – Week 5

October 5, 2013 – Saturday

Day 35- 82 Days to go.

Woke up about 6:00. Wrote a SayHelloSanta post for IMGmembers. Took Grandmas iPad back to her. Took her and Doug out to dinner at Sonny’s in San Clemente.

October 4, 2013- Friday

Santa Ed at Cove 09-29-13

DAY 33 of Santa Adventure- 83 Days to go.

Woke up around 7:00. Went for a short bike ride and packed up to move back to Marci’s. Went to Clarry’s to shoot Elfster video and had Wal-Mart audition in Santa Monica at 3:00. Went to grammas in San Clemente afterwards. Bought some Mexican food from Las Golondrinas and ate dinner at her house. Got her iPad working, just needed a restart, but I took it with me back to Marci’s to connect to her wi-fi and do a system update. It’s working great.

October 3, 2013- Thursday

Day 32 of The Great Santa Adventure 2013 – 84 Days to go.

Woke up at 6:00 had a call with a marketing client at 7:00. Worked on Wake Up and Be Happy site. Worked on content for Hllo Santa follow-up email and landing page.

October 2, 2013- Wednesday

Day 31 of The Great Santa Adventure 2013 – 85 Days to go.

Woke up at 4:00AM Wrote posts for IMG & The Greatest Gifts of All. CRAZY busy making changes and additions to the Happy website. Met with Hello Santa team at Joni’s – 3:00 to 5:00.

October 1, 2013- Tuesday

Day 30 of The Great Santa Adventure 2013 – 86 Days to go.

Call with a marketing client at 9:00.At 11:00 I had another client call. All well… crazy busy making last minute changes to the Wake Up and Be Happy site and to the emails for launch tomorrow. At 5:30PM I had the onboarding call for Hello Santa. It went well other than a small problem with the audio. 25 people on the call. More than I had anticipated.

September 30, 2013- Monday

Day 29 of The Great Santa Adventure 2013 – 87 Days to go.

Up about 5:30. Worked all day. Sent email to Samantha the Producers assistant on Ridiculousness. Talked with a client about their new website.

September 29, 2013- Sunday

Day 28 of The Great Santa Adventure 2013 – 88 Days to go.

I pretty much just relaxed and took the day off.

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