Meijer Santa Claus

When I auditioned to be Santa Claus for Meijer I had no idea what I was in for. Of course, I was excited when I got the part, being Santa in street clothes is pretty much my everyday life. And I loved the idea of a commercial, especially a long format 90 second spot, that could really tell the story of being Santa day to day.meijer-santa-end-shot-2016

At the wardrobe session, which lasted for hours, they said they wanted to see me with a hairpiece… hmm… they put it on and I LOVED IT! I snapped a selfie and sent it home to Mrs Claus and she said she liked it… in fact she encouraged me to war it home. J

Anyway, shoot day came. After spending a couple of hours with hair and wardrobe it was off to shoot the first scene, the one in the library. That’s when it began to hit me… this is going to be special, very special.

The next 2 days were long and hot. I know it looks like we’re in Wisconsin in December, it’s actually Southern California in August. Temperatures are in the 80’s and 90’s.

As we went from scene to scene I think we all, the cast, crew, agency folks, everyone was feeling the magic. And that last scene… my heart melted shooting it as much as yours did watching it. I’m so incredibly thankful to The Distillery Project, Director Jamie Rafin, Meijer, the team at BroadCast Casting, my fellow actors and the incredibly talented and hard working crew. I am HONORED to be the Santa Claus for Meijer in the commercial.

Here’s the commercial- 

Hallmark Santa Claus

One of my favorite things about being Santa Claus in Hollywood, Studio City and the entire Los Angeles area are the unique opportunities that pop-up.

Last week I spent a full day in a “green-screen studio” shooting dozens of short vignettes for a “Secret Hallmark Project”.  In addition to the traditional Santa outfit we shot scenes in “workshop” attire and, you’re going to love this, in my Santa bathing suit. I have one of the old-fashioned red and white striped suits… it’s really cute.

Of course I’m hoping this opens a door for me to be Santa in a Hallmark movie… I WOULD Hallmark Santa ClausLOVE THAT!!!

We also had a bunch props, I was Santa playing a sax, and a guitar. They had me wearing sunglasses at times. I did some dance moves, sang a line from a song. We all had a ton of fun.

Stay tuned. I’ll post more photos and a link to the finished videos when Hallmark gives me the green light.

That’s all for now, this is the Hallmark Santa wishing you a very Merry Christmas.

Here are the Santa Claus emoji's:

Santa Claus Poems – That Santa Guy – Hollywood

For many years now I’ve enjoyed tinkering with words, making little rhymes or re-writing song lyrics Weird Al style (by the way I was Santa at a party he was at last year, it was very fun).

After I write my little poems I make a video of me reading them, nothing fancy, just me and a webcam, the poems are typically 60 to 90 seconds long.

Well, as it turns out my little poems are beginning to get quite a following on social media, especially Facebook where my poems have been watched and shared by many thousands of people across the US and around the world. You can also find them on my YouTube channel and my website-

Here's a sample…

Skype with Santa Claus – Birthdays, Special Occasions & “Be Nice” Reminders

Imagine your child gets a terrific report from their teacher and Santa Claus congratulates him or her via Skype.

How about Santa making a special Skype appearance at a birthday party? And sometimes a child can benefit from some positive reinforcment from Santa coupled with a reminder or 2 about staying on the Nice List.

If you are interested in learning more about Skyping with Santa Claus between now and the end of September 2016 please complete the form below and I'll be in touch shortly.



Year Round Santa Claus Los Angeles

Sure, as an actor I portray different characters; but as you might imagine, with my look and background Santa is the character I play the most. In November and December, it’s live appearances at parties, fund raisers and community events. June through October it’s Santa Claus auditions and shoots for TV programs and commercials all over Los Angeles and sometimes even outside of the area, one year I shot a commercial in Alaska.Santa Claus Pool Party - Year Round Santa Los Angeles

January through May… what does a year round Santa do in Los Angeles that time of the year?

Well, I’ve actually shot several commercials and music videos in January through May, but this is a first for me. I had a dad find me on the Internet and ask if I was available to attend the birthday party of his 5-year-old daughter who just happens to love Santa Claus.

I could not be more excited. Just imagine 15 4, 5 & 6-year old’s attending a party and then having Santa Claus show up. I will read books with them, answer their questions and even stay through the blowing out of the candle. Yes, Los Angeles there is a year round Santa Claus and his name is Santa Ed Taylor.

Santa Hollywood: TV Shows & Commercials with Santa Claus

Santa Hollywood: TV & Movies Santa Claus

I had so much fun appearing as Santa Claus in 4 national TV commercials, an appearance on the Food Network, another appearance on KTLA News 5, a movie trailer with Mark Wahlberg and WILL FARRELL for their movie Daddy’s Home, an Internet commercial for Coca Cola and several other Internet videos Will Ferrell Santa Ed 2015that drew over 5,000,000 views! Like I said, SANTA HOLLYWOOD!

And as fun as all the TV work was I have to tell you the live appearances are certainly the frosting on the cake. I teamed with the Dream Center and Justin Turner with the LA Dodgers to deliver 150 bicycles of incarcerated women. It was an amazing experience.

I also made an appearance at Bobby Sherman’s gala event in Beverly Hills where I had an opportunity to meet the amazing Sidney Poitier.

All said and done I made over 80 personal appearances, several for Hollywood productions companies, 2 for different division of Facebook’s LA office, on for Eric Stonestreet, which was a ton of fun, he’s a terrific guy and the guests at his party were many of Hollywood’s top stars and they were all just amazing and incredibly fun!

In Southern California many Santa’s make appearances on TV commercials and at entertainment industry events, in fact one Santa goes be the moniker “Santa Hollywood”. So I’m certainly not alone but I do have to tell you that for only being a Santa in the LA area for 4 years and only having an agent for 3 years I do feel incredibly blessed to have been so embraced by the entertainment industry and the entire Hollywood community.  

Please don’t call me Santa Hollywood, like I said, another Santa Claus already has that handle but if you are in the Hollywood area and are looking for a Santa for TV, a film, an Internet spot… or a personal appearance, I would be honored if you would check me out and give me a call, my handle- That Santa Guy or simply Santa Ed.

Reddi-Wip Santa Claus 2015

A father sneaks downstairs to eat the cookies left for Santa, when suddenly his son catches him in the act. He sprays on a beard of Reddi-Wip to try and disguise himself, but the real Santa is right behind him.



Children’s Book – Pre-Order

On June 18, 2015, Lori woke with a vision for a new Christmas character. Since that day, Lori and I have invested more than 600 hours creating a new book, including the concept, layout, book cover, and over thirty amazing illustrations, Sample Illustration

With your help, this delightful new character will make his debut this Christmas season in a picture book for 2-to-8-year-olds.

The book is more than just a collection of amazing illustrations; it is an inspiring story that demonstrates the character of inner strength by staying true to one’s convictions in spite of being teased.

We cannot disclose any specifics about the main character or the title of the book until we get the trademark, but what I can say is this: it is an inspired work, and this is evident in every way.

The cost of $25 each includes FREE shipping in the US!


Santa & Mrs Claus in Website Video

Back in March Lori & I shot some “green screen” images to be used in a website. While on the shoot the client asked if we could make a little video for his website too.

We did & he just sent me a link to it. Check it out. I think it came out pretty good…

Real Santa Claus Spotted in Los Angeles

Last night in a Farmers Boys restaurant, the day before in a Hobby Lobby store and nearly every day on LA freeways, parking lots, gas stations faces turn to smiles as people spot Santa Claus. He’s out of place, out of uniform but never out of character. He is unmistakably Santa Claus.Santa Claus Pool Party

Usually wearing white shorts, a red t-shirt and sandals Santa Claus is on vacation… with a bit of work being thrown in from time to time. For example a few weeks ago Santa was in Hollywood where he spent the day shooting a commercial that will appear on TV this Christmas season.

Being Santa is SO MUCH FUN!

If you are in the LA area keep your eyes peeled for a little red Scion Xb with an N-Pole license plate. I spend a lot of time in Santa Monica, Studio City, Hollywood and the surrounding areas. Be sure to say Hi!Santa Ed Taylor at The Cove 09-29-13

Let’s keep the Spirit of Christmas alive ALL year long.  

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