Santa Claus Pictures Los Angeles

Santa Claus Pictures Los Angeles

Santa Claus is loved worldwide, of course, but there’s nowhere on earth where Santa Claus can have a greater impact on more people than in Los Angeles, California.

The North Pole is great and Santa magic happens there for sure, but there’s another place where Santa magic happens and that’s LA.

The best thing about being Santa Claus is BEING Santa Claus. In the first ½ of the year, LA allows Santa to be in pictures, movies, and TV commercials as well as make surprise appearances at birthday parties and many other unexpected places… the beaches… I LOVE the beaches.

I regularly walk along the beaches from Malibu to Redondo Beach. I’ve visited with thousands of people and appeared in hundreds and hundreds of photos, mostly ‘selfies’ as I was strolling the Southern California beaches. I’ve even appeared in several ‘commercial Santa photoshoots’ in Hermosa Beach, Manhattan Beach, Malibu & Santa Monica.   

Santa Claus appearing at Christmas in July pictures & events is big too…

In So Cal everyone loves to see Santa Claus in shorts and red shirts… and you can see me in my ‘vacation wear’ almost every day. 

KOST radio and many other LA area companies, organizations and retailers love to have Santa come by and say hi in July… and of course, I LOVE IT!

In late Summer and Fall Santa tends to do many photo shoots, auditions and TV shows & TV commercial shoots all around Los Angeles and at the Hollywood studios.

Here are some fun Santa photos from shoots I did this summer…

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