Santa Claus Actor Hollywood

I began portraying Santa years before I became a Santa Claus actor in Hollywood.

Christmas parades, tree lighting ceremonies, charity

Santa Ed with Will Ferrell & Mark Wahlberg

events of all sorts, these are the things I did for years before “Hollywood called”.

I watched Christmas movies like Elf and NEVER DREAMED that a few years later I would be in Hollywood working with Ed Asner & Will Ferrell, not to mention Mark Wahlberg. Being an actor, let alone a Santa Claus actor never crossed my mind.


Thank you for your work on my latest movie “Santa Stole our Dog”. You were a real pleasure to work with on-set. You “being” Santa at the movie premiere was amazing!

We had hundreds of attendees, many very seasoned Industry people, and you just shined; convincing all in attendance that you REALLY are Santa Claus.

I’m looking forward to working with you again in the future.

Bryan Michael Stoller
Writer – Director – Independent Filmmaker

Santa Claus Actor Movies

As Santa Claus is known to do, he gave me a gift, a real surprise, a surprise that totally changed my life. I’m now represented by 2 of the top talent agents in Hollywood, I’ve appeared in movies including Beverly Hills Christmas 2 and Santa Stole Our Dog: A Merry Doggone Christmas!, actually Ed Asner was Santa in the last one but I was his “Stand-In” and I was honored to be a part of the movie and I loved to talk with Ed… amazing.

Santa Claus Actor Commercials

I’ve also acted as Santa Claus in 17 commercials including national commercials for Chrysler Santa Claus - Hollywood Santa Claus actorChrysler, Kohl’s, Reddi Wip, Band-Aid, and Overstock. Even today, 5 years after my first national TV appearance on MTV’s Ridiculousness, I still can hardly believe all of the acting I’ve done as Santa Claus.

As of 2022 I have appeared in 7 national commercials, 5 local, regional & international commercials, 11 social media commercials, 28 TV shows, 3 music videos & 4 movies & movie trailers. 

Here’s my reel…

Santa Claus Actor TV

Then there’s TV, Jimmy Kimmel, The Doctors, Steve Harvey, Nickelodeon, the Today Show and several more… me being a Santa Claus actor in Hollywood.

I have been incredibly blessed and I’m super excited to see what lays ahead… I would LOVE to have a significant role as Santa Claus in a moving Hallmark Christmas movie.

Could it get any better than that?

You can see my IMDB page here. Click the “Resume” link.

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Santa Ed is a real bearded Santa Claus for hire in Los Angeles, Hollywood, Beverly Hills, and the surrounding areas

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