Santa Monica Promenade Santa Claus | Pacific Palisades

Pacific Palisades Santa 2014

Being the Santa Monica Promenade Santa Claus and Santa Claus in Pacific Palisades is such an honor.

There are literally hundreds of professional,real bearded, Santa Claus' for hire here in Southern California, in addition there are dozens of actors who portray Santa all within a few miles of Santa Monica and Pacific Palisades. For me to be the person selected to be Santa on the cover of the insert in the Palisades post in Pacific Palisades and the Santa Claus at the Santa Monica 3rd Street Promenade parade and tree lighting ceremony warms my soul.

I absolutely LOVE being Santa Claus, sharing my Santa spirit and to be able to do this is such big ways, and being selected from a field of so many eminently qualified Santa's, I just don't have words… other than- THANK YOU, I LOVE YOU and Please help me keep the Spirit of Christmas alive ALL year Long.

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