Overstock Santa Claus Commercial

Have you seen the 2017 Overstock dot com Christmas commercial with Santa Claus?

It’s a cute one. The elves break some bad news to Santa… the reindeer Prancer has come down with pneumonia… luckily the elves have a backup reindeer at the ready… Bob Humbug. Well, the name just cracked ol’ Santa Claus up.

The Overstock spokesperson comes on and talks about how tough it is when you get judged by your name.

Yes, I AM Santa in that Overstock dot com holiday commercial.

The shoot was amazing… a great cast and crew at a mindblowing estate in Malibu, California.

The commercial has been playing on Hallmark as well as many other cable channels and even some network shows.

Here it is if you haven’t yet seen it…

3 thoughts on “Overstock Santa Claus Commercial”

  1. I KNEW that was you. Have seen it about a dozen times, and each time, I say, “Boy, that sure does look like Santa Ed”. I finally did a search… Sure enough. Nice job!! 🙂

  2. I find these commercials inappropriate. Boys and girls are supposed to be good, because Santa is watching. So why is it ok for Santa to laugh at a reindeer because of it’s name? You are sending a very bad measage! Shame on you.

    1. Oh please! Get over yourself and have a little chuckle. It doesn’t represent a real name! The kids in your overprotective little world will grow up unable to deal with life and trapped in therapy forever.

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