Nickelodeon Santa Claus 2017

Being Santa Claus on Nickelodeon this year is such a huge honor and SO MUCH FUN. I was delighted to find that my “That Santa Guy” reputation had preceded me. As it turns out I had worked with some of the crew on another shoot earlier in the summer.

As the “Nickelodeon Santa” I deliver a bunch of one-liners that will be used to introduce shows and segments. Santa also appears in a few skits and improv scenes that are hilarious.

We shot some of the scenes in front of a green screen so I’m looking forward to seeing where I will appear to be when it airs on TV. Other scenes were shot on a rooftop… that was fun!

So if you’re watching Nickelodeon this Christmas season and see Santa Claus… and you think he looks familiar… yep, you’re right, That Santa Guy is the Nickelodeon Santa Claus 2017.

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