N-Pole License Plate – Oregon – Red Scion xB – Santa Claus

N-Pole License Plate – Oregon – Red Scion xB – Santa Claus

N-Pole is the license plate on the bright red Scion xB Mrs. Claus and I bought last year. We call it our Santa car and it has been SO MUCH fun. Because we split our 

N-Pole License Plate

time between Southern Oregon and Southern California we drive a lot (15,000 miles in 6 months) and I can't tell you how many times people in the car next to us have smiled or taken pictures.

If you travel I5 between Medford, Oregon and Los Angeles keep your eye peeled for our little red Scion xB with the Oregon license plate N-Pole.

If you spend time in So Cal you can often spot us on the 405, 110, 101 and many of the street in LA, Hollywood, Beverly Hills, Santa Monica, Torrance, Venice, Redondo, Hermosa and Manhattan Beaches and pretty much anywhere in the LA area. If you see us be sure to wave and say hi.

Let's all do our best to keep the Spirit of Christmas alive ALL year long! 

7 thoughts on “N-Pole License Plate – Oregon – Red Scion xB – Santa Claus”

  1. we just saw you on the 57!! My kids were so excited and now my 10 year old who told us last year that he no longer believed in Santa just exclaimed "I believe in Santa now!!"

    thanks for keeping the spirit of Christmas alive! 

  2. Just saw you driving by Torrance Memorial. My little one has been there for 2 weeks. I think she will be released today. I hope it's a good sign; Santa will bring me my daughter back, and hopefully her health will improve. 

    Thanks for keeping the Christmas spirit. 

  3. I saw you on Wilshire Blvd in Beverly Hills this past Saturday. I was turning left on Santa Monica Blvd as you were continuing straight, and I saw your license plate. I made sure to let the kids I visited that day know that Santa was performing mid year checkups! ?

  4. we just saw you on the 405 north about an hour ago! My very bright 6 year old has been questioning Santa Claus and you renewed her belief tonight!! she was so excited!! Thank you!!

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