MTV Ridiculousness – Santa Appearance

Watch Santa Ed on MTV’s Ridiculousness –
Aired December 2013





Getting a little hair and make-up before I go on…
— at Hollywood Center Studios.



Santa Rocked Ridiculousness! Be sure and watch show Dec. 1.



 Having lunch with the cast and crew on the “The Lucy Stage”
— at Hollywood Center Studios.


Ed Taylor is the greatest Santa in the history of Santas. Bar none. Period.  End of story. 

Ed Taylor is so authentic as St. Nick himself, I found myself confused and wondering “Is Santa actually for real and standing in front of me?” He’s a master.

Rob Dyrdek
Professional Skateboarder and 
Host of MTV  – Ridiculousness

Not only is Ed Taylor the most convincing Santa Claus I’ve ever seen, he’s also incredibly nice, super easy to work with, and a very funny improviser.
Shane Nickerson
Executive Producer of 
MTV  – Ridiculousness