Keeping the Spirit of Christmas Alive ALL Year Long

Since I first became a Santa Claus portrayal artist nearly 11 years ago I've continually, and at first very consciously, allowed the Christmas Spirit that I've always had in me to be expressed more frequently in my day to day life and my actions. Here's some ways we can keep the Spirit of Christmas alive all year long

The Christmas Spirit is thoughtfulness. Yes, it’s opening the door for a person with their hands full, it’s lending a helping hand where we can, it's finding something to sincerely appreciate about everyone in our lives… yes, EVERYONE.

The Christmas Spirit is generosity. Being generous is not about money, or at least not only about money. We can be more generous with our time, our attention, our praise, our love.

IMG_1756 (1)The Christmas Spirit is joyfulness. Smiling more and bigger and for lesser reasons… that’s expressing joy. Enthusiasm is joy. I now wave, smile and say hi to nearly everyone I come in contact with.

The Christmas Spirit is connection. Connection with nature by bringing the tree indoors. Connection with each other through gatherings and conversations. Connection with Divinity that comes from prayer, meditation and thoughtful pondering.

As you might expect the more I have embraced the Christmas Spirit the more I have been embraced by it. This year I have already been in 2 commercial shoots and one photo studio shoot as Santa Claus. Prior to this year the earliest I had done any of these things was October.

I’ve also had nearly 500 Santa’s attend the classes I now provide to help Santa’s become extraordinary in all aspects of their “Santaness”.

I couldn’t be more excited about, or more thankful for, all of the amazing things that have occurred in my life since I decided to keep the Spirit of Christmas alive in my life all year long. What do you think, are you ready to let a express more of your Christmas Spirit all year long?

And remember, you don’t have to be Santa Claus to feel and express the Christmas Spirit all year long. 🙂

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