Hollywood Santa 2015

After 6 months in Southern Oregon (my personal North Pole) I’m again a Hollywood Santa! Mrs. Claus and I are blessed, we love, and are loved, everywhere we go.

Last year we had an amazing time appearing on TV programs, commercials, corporate parties and even home parties with amazing Hollywood actors, actresses and production people.

This year promises to be even more exciting, I have already been booked to appear as Santa at several large Hollywood events, Mrs. Claus annd I appeared in a music video and I have appeared in 2 other videos that will air in November and December.

I hope someday to be Santa Claus for the Hollywood Parade. My friend “Santa Hollywood” Tim Connnaghan, has been the Santa for that event for many years and if he should ever be unable to do it I hope to fill in for him.

One of the things I most love about being a Hollywood Santa is the reach I can have as Santa Claus. I really like what I bring to being Santa and I love having millions of people experience my interpretation of Santa. I also just think it’s really fun to be involved in Hollywood productions and to

Santa Ed at KTLA studio in Hollywood
Santa Ed at KTLA studio in Hollywood
see how the artistic aspect of productions work. It’s truly amazing how many exceptionally gifted and talented people Hollywood attracts and I love working with these people.

I always see and try to portray Santa Claus as a wise, generous, encouraging and jolly old soul and even though as a Hollywood Santa you have script writers and directors and producers who really control what ends up on the air I always do my best to be the best Santa I can be.

Another incredibly fun thing about being a Hollywood Santa is the travel for “location shoots”. A couple of years ago I went with an entire Hollywood production team to a reindeer ranch in Alaska! We had an amazing sleigh full of presents… it was an amazing shoot… and that is a definite perk of being a Hollywood Santa.

One last thing, while in Hollywood I also audition for “non-Santa” roles. Last year I was “The Snap Cash man” for Snap Chat. I also appeared on a court re-enactment show, a game show, local news show, I was in a stand-up comedy bit and a live theater performance. This Santa is fully immersing into the Hollywood entertainment business.

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