Hallmark Santa Claus

One of my favorite things about being Santa Claus in Hollywood, Studio City and the entire Los Angeles area are the unique opportunities that pop-up.

Last week I spent a full day in a “green-screen studio” shooting dozens of short vignettes for a “Secret Hallmark Project”.  In addition to the traditional Santa outfit we shot scenes in “workshop” attire and, you’re going to love this, in my Santa bathing suit. I have one of the old-fashioned red and white striped suits… it’s really cute.

Of course I’m hoping this opens a door for me to be Santa in a Hallmark movie… I WOULD Hallmark Santa ClausLOVE THAT!!!

We also had a bunch props, I was Santa playing a sax, and a guitar. They had me wearing sunglasses at times. I did some dance moves, sang a line from a song. We all had a ton of fun.

Stay tuned. I’ll post more photos and a link to the finished videos when Hallmark gives me the green light.

That’s all for now, this is the Hallmark Santa wishing you a very Merry Christmas.

Here are the Santa Claus emoji's:

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