December 18 2021

As I sit here with a cup of coffee in the pre-dawn hours of this Saturday morning, in the illumination of our Christmas Tree and the fireplace here’s what I’m thinking about…
I’m thinking of just what a blessing it is to do what you truly love to do.
With 1 week left until Christmas, I have conducted 142 “Virtual Visits with Santa Claus” as Santa Claus this season.
I’ve visited with people in Australia, Japan, Ireland, England, Qatar, Canada, Germany, Africa, South America, and all across the US.
I’ve had visits with large companies including Google & Facebook, and government agencies including the Department of Housing & Urban Development & the U.S. Trade and Development Agency.
I’ve had visits with groups of both adults & children with Special Needs, schools & pre-schools, many small companies, and of course dozens & dozens of families.
I’ve made visits via Zoom, Teams, Webex, GoToMeeting, Google Meets & Zuhoo.
My visits have ranged from 12-minutes to 55-minutes and a few companies even booked several hours in order to have me visit with their employees, customers, or both.
I’ve told stories, read books, given inspirational talks to employees, conducted employee training sessions, and I’ve listened. I’ve listened to wishes from children, teens & adults. I’ve heard about current circumstances and Christmases gone by. I’ve heard about the pain of loss, and the joy of new life.
I’m also thinking about all of the videos I have made as Santa, including videos for the employees of Procter & Gamble & other companies, HiHo members, church groups, and families.
On this early Saturday morning as I head into this last week before Christmas I’m thinking about all I’ve done this season and the 50 or so visits and a handful of videos I have yet to complete.
And I’m feeling an amazing wave of gratitude. Ahhh…

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