Children’s Book – Pre-Order

On June 18, 2015, Lori woke with a vision for a new Christmas character. Since that day, Lori and I have invested more than 600 hours creating a new book, including the concept, layout, book cover, and over thirty amazing illustrations, Sample Illustration

With your help, this delightful new character will make his debut this Christmas season in a picture book for 2-to-8-year-olds.

The book is more than just a collection of amazing illustrations; it is an inspiring story that demonstrates the character of inner strength by staying true to one’s convictions in spite of being teased.

We cannot disclose any specifics about the main character or the title of the book until we get the trademark, but what I can say is this: it is an inspired work, and this is evident in every way.

The cost of $25 each includes FREE shipping in the US!


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