Best Santa Claus LA – Los Angeles Santa

Of course, there is no BEST Santa Claus in LA. There are dozens of Santas in Los Angeles and many are world-class. There are big, small and ethnic Santas. There are Santas who sing, dance or perform magic. There are “Bad Santas”, “Sexy Santas”, fit and fat Santas. The best Santa in LA depends on what you’re looking for in a Santa Claus.

When people tell me that I’m the best Santa in LA or in Hollywood or whatever, they’re typically referring to my authenticity of my look and my personality. I’m trained in acting, improv, and storytelling and each of those skills add to my Santa appearances for sure… but most of my reviews mention things like “the most authentic Santa ever” and “jolly, fun, brought so much joy”.

I have made hundreds of Santa Claus appearances in and around Los Angeles. Mattel Toys, Neiman Marcus Beverly Hills, the International Cinematography Guild, Ellen DeGeneres, Jimmy

Best Santa Claus LA - Santa Claus Jimmy KimmelKimmel, The Doctors, Paramount Studio’s dozens of others bring me back year after year… I don’t think that makes me the best Santa in LA, or Hollywood… but I hope it will give you some comfort if you are considering me for a Santa appearance at an event or party or for a part in a movie or TV show.

In addition to the reviews here on the website, I have many dozens of references available. I’m insured, have a current background check, I do not smoke, drink or use drugs.

I also own and operate “The Santa Claus Conservatory” which is an online school and continuing education resource for San and Mrs. Claus’ worldwide.

If you are looking for the best Santa Claus in Los Angeles I’m sure there are many who would fit that bill… and I would like to think that I would be among them.

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