ALS Ice Bucket Challenge & Santa Claus – slow motion

There's not much better than doing what you love while supporting a great cause. I didn't know much about ALS until a few weeks ago when this Ice Bucket Challenge went insanely viral.

ALS Santa Ice Bucket

As I looked into ALS and saw how devastating it is and how desperately in need of funding the ALS Association was I was awestruck by the impact of this fun challange. What a terrific cause to be struck with such good fortune.

My friends at Hello Santa and JibJab and I wanted to financially support the cause, which we did, but we also wanted to leverage me and my popularity as Santa Claus to help spread the word about the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. So 4 of us armed with iphone cameras and some beach stuff walked from the Hello Santa/JibJib office to the beach and hot the video below. 

So far thousands of people have seen the cute little "Santa Claus supports the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge" video that the Hello Santa team shot and edited that day and I hope it helped add at least a few bucks to the ALS coffers.

So here's the Santa Claus ALS Ice Bucket Challenge video, I hope you enjoy watching it as much as we enjoyed making it, by the way, it was an incredibly hot day on the beach and that cool ocean water, chilled even more by a couple of bags of ice was VERY refreshing. Og, and I love the slow motion replay at the end, it's classic! 🙂

And, if you haven't already, PLEASE donate at least a little bit to ALSA. tell 'em Santa Claus sent you. 🙂

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